Pleasant Valley Farm Folk:

We are a working farm and we want to offer you an experience and insight into "working on a farm" well as some fun on the farm. Each month we will provide a schedule of activities and chores that are being done on the farm. Become an Official P.V.F.F. Member by registering with your cabin rental or simply register once you arrive at the farm for an activity (contact us ahead of time for special circumstances and special event pricing.)

Once you've registered as an official P.V.F.F. sign up for all or specific activities ahead of time on the clipboards in the PlayPen (located across from the cabins, to the south)...just showing up in time works too, however, signing up ahead of time is appreciated and will help us to better prepare & plan. From goat hikes to getting your hands dirty in the garden or maybe creating your own goat-burger spice blend, Pleasant Valley Farm wants to help you reconnect with your inner agriculturalist.

Support & Create on the Farm

Whether you're creating memories on a goat hike, creating produce in the garden, or a spice blend in the PlayPen, we want you to leave our farm with the desire and freedom to come back whenever you want. With a P.V.F.F. Membership, you are not only helping us to create a better farm & learning environment for upcoming generations, you are also giving yourself a means to get back to nature, back to your roots.


Each P.V.F.F. membership comes with annual access to the weekly scheduled activities on the farm. Attend as many as you like...we'll even through in two activity vouchers for your friends. Each membership also comes with a swag bag that's sure to make you say, "HAY...this place is cool."

Annual Membership $30
Day Pass $10