Farm Characters:


Title: Guard Llama

Likes: Grain, hay, & protecting his herd of goats from predators such as coyotes.

Dislikes: New people, coyotes, and orange coats. 

* He may look cute, but Batman is NOT a pet and should never be approached on your own.


Title: Resident Doorbell

Likes: Barking,napping, cold weather, snacking on goat poop, doing chores, smiling, and chasing deer.

Dislikes: Ground squirrels, actual work, hot weather.


Title: Goat Herder

Likes: Rounding up the herd, chasing ground squirels under pallets, warm weather, chore time, and partial cheeseburgers.

Dislikes: Annoying boy dogs, unruly goats, sharing her food.


Title: Sweetheart of the Farm

Likes: Answering to her name, pretending to be a dog, hay, grain, and people (...esp. those who bottle fed her as a baby.)

Dislikes: Being called a goat.


Title: Miss Congeniality

Likes: Meeting new people, dressing up, attention, grain, her kids, hay, making sure you know she's there.

Dislikes: Dogs, other goats eating any food, politics.


Title: 2019's 1st Bottle Baby

Likes: Feeding Time, Escaping, Yelling, Cuddles.

Dislikes: Fences and Saying Goodbyes


Title: Queen of the Tractor

Likes: Laying in boxes, Gardening, Tom, riding in the tractor with Tom, bird watching, mouse hunting, wandering the farm, and long naps.

Dislikes: Loud noises...other than the tractor.


Title: Stinker

Likes: Sitting in her water dish, ground corn, running to greet people, following Tom around the field, and looking for roots. 

Dislikes: Storms.


Title: Digger

Likes: Digging in the dirt, tossing around roots, the color brown, and social media.  

Dislikes: Pork Chops and playing silly games with Monte.

*Chickens may vary and are subject to change because, well, they are chickens and this is a farm.

Title: The Quiet One

Likes: Listening to others, public radio, and being held.

Dislikes: Algebra.


Title: Little Pecker

Likes: Pecking around, playing tag with his roommates, and the color black.

Dislikes: Cats


Title: Chick Magnet

Likes: The ladies, Lou Reed, playing guitar, and watching 'Labyrinth'.

Dislikes: Being Under Pressure.

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