Down on the Farm:

"Here at Pleasant Valley Farm we want nothing more than to spark a fire in others for goats, farming, buying local, and living more sustainably."

Get involved:

- Feed the Goats

Schedule a meet & greet and then join us up at the barn to get to know our herd while offering them a cup of treats.

- Help with the Ever-Changing Daily Grind

The work is never done on a farm. From fixing fence, to spreading fresh hay, to creating a fun, new toy for the "kids", an extra set of hands can be very useful!

-Bird Watching

Perch yourself along Pleasant Valley with a pen, paper, and pair of binoculars to take note of the many different, beautiful species of birds that live and migrate through the Black Hills. From Bald Eagles to bluebirds, our feathered friends love the peacefulness here and you will too!

Want to actually get a "birds-eye" view of  Pleasant Valley and Pleasant Valley Farm? Book a hot-air balloon ride with our friends at Black Hills Balloons for an epic view of the Black Hills and a fun filled ride you'll never forget! Black Hills Balloons often launches with a Pleasant Valley Farm landing in mind. Mention hearing about them through Pleasant Valley Farm to receive all of the perks!

- Take a Hike

Pleasant Valley Farm is bordered by beautiful National Forest Land. Follow a public road or trail...or blaze your own as you take in the fresh air of the Black Hills of South Dakota. (Consult your GPS or inquire with us about where & which direction to explore...we just ask that you be respectful of nature and avoid all private land.)

Click here to check out a few of the crazy characters you may encounter on Pleasant Valley Farm!